There is something so magical, so astoundingly beautiful when gazing out of an aeroplane window 14,000 feet in the air. The roundness of the plane window delicately captures a truly astonishing view, framing the clouds and distant horizon exactly like a picture frame or carefully sown tapestry. The fluffy clouds appear to just hang from a piece of transparent string, quietly swaying in their solitude. The view below of the world left behind is stitched with fields and beads of shrubbery, encompassed with lacy, twisting roads. The sprinkles of reality are left amidst the chaos woven into the cities below.

Beyond and above the clouds is the smooth journey alongside the sun. Small, delicately perched frosted flakes form in between the sandwiched glass of the window; glistening. Radiant beams of sunlight bounce off the glazed tops of clouds and exquisitely intricate flakes. Sleeping next to a view such as this, with wary eyes and a dozing mind, allows so many problems and worries to slowly drift away. Would it cost us to just stop, be glad and grateful for the sheer vastness and beauties of the world? How prominent are our worries and hectic our lives to forget about appreciating what makes us happy?


2 thoughts on “The beauty of flying

  1. A very lovely photo here. So amazing. We humans, as a collective species have the power to fly over the land, like birds. Something so common and everyday for some. To me, it really shows (and with your photo as an EXTRA visual) the power of the imagination for us all.

    #flying over the mmK

    Thank you for sharing this.

    -N.N. Team


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